Evolution of the Cell Phones.

At the year 2022 handsets will recognize emotions and increase user interaction


When they arrived in Brazil on December 30, 1990, they only received or made, with great difficulty, calls. Then they started sending and receiving text messages. Later, they also photographed.

Today there are numerous possibilities that a mobile phone can do. And, it seems that applications types will be almost limitless.

According to data from the Gartner Group, by 2022 about 80% of mobile devices will have some kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology that will help with recognition of emotions, understanding Natural Language, unblocking or authenticating an user, use of reality augmented and even in the device´s customization. With this, the devices will have the ability to adapt and make decisions, without the need of a user to take any action. Your smartphone will identify your face and, depending on your emotions, it will start playing music at the moment, or will understand that you are in a meeting and suspend notifications so you do not lose concentration, letting only the important messages pass.