Security Cameras and the Right to Privacy

How far can security go without hurting anyone's right


A very important item for the security of property, the Closed Circuits of TV, CCTV, in some cases puts a doubt on users: How about the right to Privacy? As there is still no specific law on the regulations regarding the use of security cameras, ethics and respect for the rights of privacy guaranteed by the Constitution should be taken into account.


When installing security systems like these, the professional needs to know the basic precepts of respect for the image and the right of people. It is necessary to know the places where the cameras can be properly installed and the contractor must be alerted about the legal risks of installations in undue places.


CCTV cameras installed in companies can prevent theft and Justice has already positioned itself that the recordings are considered valid evidence for or against the company, depending on what the images will be used. Despite this, it is essential that the company informs its employees about the monitoring and the video cameras, explaining that they can not be installed in places that may cause the violation of the intimacy of the employees, such as toilets, canteens or dining rooms.


And it is worth mentioning that the exhibition or dissemination of images that may embarrass someone can bring legal consequences to the person responsible for monitoring, whether in residences, condominiums, or companies.