Intelligent Cities

Solutions for urban concentration.


200 years ago, only London, Tokyo and Beijing had more than one million inhabitants. Today, some 450 cities have overcome this barrier and more than 50% of the world´s population lives in urban centers. The UN estimates that by 2030, this percentage reaches 70%.

Problems such as traffic, pollution, security, lack of housing, access to health and education, are inevitable with so many people crowded.

One of the ways out of these problems is to create conditions of sustainability that can bring improvement in the conditions of existence of the populations and also, to foment the creation of a creative economy by the management based on data analysis.


This is the concept of Intelligent City (CI), where technology is used to improve urban infrastructure and make urban centers more efficient and better living. Songdo in South Korea and Masdar in Dubai fit into this category of modern urban centers.


These projects thus aggregate three main areas: Internet of Things (objects with advanced infocommunication capabilities), Big Data (processing and analysis of large amounts of information), and Algorithmic Governance (management and planning based on algorithm actions applied to life urban).