The front line of your home defenses




Investing in security has long since ceased to be a whim. When installing closed circuit TV, alarm system and other equipment, we seek to guarantee the integrity of our assets and, above all, of the people.


Among the items that can make life more difficult for those who want to invade our private areas, the concertina has a prominent place. It is a spiral fence, made with sharp and pointed blades, which can be made of galvalume steel, which guarantees longer product life. Its installation is simple and the results are fantastic.


It should be installed all the way on the wall, not allowing the attacker to do any great maneuvers to jump over. The blades of the concertina are very sharp, and if someone tries to climb over the fence, they are likely to get hurt.


Due to the possibility of getting hurt, the fact that there is no specific legislation and each municipality can have its standards for installation, anyone choosing to have their property protected by concertinas should hire a specialized technician for this.