New Signaling Law

São Paulo has a Law that regulates access gates



Law No. 16,809, which regulates access gates to houses, condominiums and commercial establishments in São Paulo, Brazil, is already in force. The purpose of this law is, according to its creators, reduces the chances of accidents on the sidewalks. Failure to comply will result in a fine of R $ 250.00, which will be charged again if, within 30 days, adjustments are not made.

Under the new law, the gates must open and close to the inside and can not exceed the alignment of the building, advancing the sidewalk area. It is also mandatory the use of audible and luminous markers on automatic gates and gates.

The PPA already has an adequate signal for this law. Click here and find more info about it.


To know more about the Law Nº 16.809, of 01/23/2018, click here.