I want a gate operator! What do I need to know?

6 important points to choose your gate operator


Although the automatic gate is so common in Brazilian life, many people do not know the basics for choosing the ideal model. But do not worry, this is not a problem at all.

For it is a technical product, there are thousands of professionals prepared to indicate the ideal models for each situation and to make the proper installation of the equipment.

Even so, we consider it important that you have the right information to feel more comfortable and secure in your choice.

The first thing you need to know is the type of your gate. Basically there are 3 types of gate that differ by the movement they perform.

Are they:

  • Swing Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Pivoting Gates

Remember that we´re still talking about the gate type, not the automator (though the terms often get confused). Regardless of whether your gate is automated, it basically performs these three types of movement.

Simply put, the swing model is the one that moves up, the slider would be the "run" sideways model and the pivot is the one that opens at the 90° angle horizontally. Check below some images of the types of movement to make identification easier.

For each type of motion above, there are several models of automator and from here you can choose from the following aspects:


Most of the models on the market are considered as conventional in terms of speed, that is, it moves the gate at a slower speed.

The automation manufacturer PPA has long been betting on speed as an additional feature, not only for the users comfort but mainly for safety, given that opening and closing your gate more quickly means you can get in and out of the house in greater safety because it avoids the waiting time on the sidewalk and your house is exposed less time to bandits access.

As a reference, a conventional automator opens in about 16 seconds (depending on size, weight and movement type) while there are intermediate models that open in 8 seconds and ultra-fast models that open in 3.5 seconds. (see velocity infographic below).

It is 4 times faster for those who want more agility, comfort and safety in the day to day. Check the company website and its distributors and see that even these more technological models are already accessible (


Most gates today are developed in lighter materials that reduce the cost with the gate and at the same time make the life of the automation easier.

However, it is worth knowing the approximate weight of your gate so that a compatible model is specified in force to move that load. There are sliding PPA models for loads of 350kg up to 3 tons for example.

The variety of products avoids that an insufficient machine is installed for that gate or even that you pay for a more expensive model far superior to the necessary one.


The complete cycle is the sum of an opening and a closing of the gate.

Most of us open and close the gate a few times a day, taking a minimum number of cycles per hour. However there are situations in companies and condominiums for example that can have intense movement at certain times or even throughout the day. For this, there are models that can run from 30 to over 120 cycles, running almost non-stop.


Still about the cycles, it is important to know where it will be applied and the particularities of use in the chosen place to have the correct model for that situation.

Some of the most applied locations are residences, businesses, condos and industries.


Today there are several technologies applied in the automation, showing that, more than a strong engine, the electronic part that controls it makes it behave in a completely different way, giving users advantages.

Not entering into technical aspects, there are technologies that allow more precise and much more speedy movements like PPA´s JetFlex Technology, or have the benefits cited above, and with an even more compact and energy-efficient engines that can run on battery charged by solar panels like JetFlex Brushless and 24V Brushless technologies.


In addition to the functions of the automation itself to increase user safety, there are many accessories to prevent accidents with children or animals at home, pedestrians on the sidewalk or even impact the gate with the vehicle. Consult a dealer or visit the PPA website for more information.