Find out what IoT is and what this innovation can bring to your life



You´ve started reading the term somewhere and maybe you have not yet reached the right of its meaning and what you can do with that kind of technology.

The term IoT is nothing more than the Internet of Things!

But things with internet, is that right?

Yes, this new concept in our market is also little explored in other countries and should be part of the life of many Brazilians soon.

We are very familiarized to use equipment for Internet browsing or to send messages and we forget that what these equipments do is to establish communication with others through the network, so that certain subject reaches the other side or even to pull hosted data and load of a website, for example.

What the Internet of Things describes is a scenario in which many equipment s of our day to day will be connected to the internet and communicating to each other. That is, they literally exchange information.

Besides Smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops, there are more and more equipments that connect directly to the Internet to perform specific activities. Security cameras, for example, allows remote monitoring of residence or companies, either through a monitoring company or for you to access the images through your application. Other well-known examples are Smart TVs, which have direct connection to network services, without the need to be connected to a computer.

This new technology of Internet of Things, proposes that other electronic equipment and systems such as lighting for example be controlled via the internet, by some device such as your phone or tablet.

These devices can be an air conditioner, a refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, thermostat, alarms, television, sound system, lamps, bathtub, among others.

With these systems you could, for example, heat or cool the environment before arriving at your house, letting the bathtub ready to heal the stress of the workday, increasing the power of the refrigerator to leave the beer on the spot and dozens of other activities on the screen of your smartphone.

With equipment integrations you can purchase items that are missing in the refrigerator for example, or do the preventive maintenance of equipment and even put your home to work for you when you are away.

However, several studies in Brazil show the great concern about family safety and the preservation of its patrimony (as if we needed a study to know this). Another interesting point is that the main use of this type of IoT solution is for lighting control.

PPA is a Brazilian automation and security company that has been attentive to this innovation and developed solutions that act on these main demands of users.

The brand solution offers much more comfort and security to customers by letting them know if the garage door has been left open while they are not at home, who is accessing their home or business, arming and disarming alarms, receiving alerts, view cameras and receive pictures of moments before and after alarm shots, trigger lights when traveling to simulate presence in the house and much more even if you are on the other side of the world.

When you are safe inside your house, you can enjoy all the comfort that the technology provides you.

How about having a universe connected to you over the internet?