• Frequency inverter available in versions for AC and Brushless DC motors
• Allows external antenna with coaxial cable (antenna welded on PCI or printed antenna)
• Electromagnetic interface filter
• Varistor and gas spark protection
• Central with selectable bivolt input (127V / 220V)
• Terminals for electrical grounding
• Built-in locking module
• Auxiliary power supply 24V / 800mA
• 3 inductive loop contact inputs
• Aperture locking photocell input
• Signaling LEDs for each control input
• RF receiver inserted into printed circuit board (PCI)
• Interlock functions for sluice
• Digital or Hybrid End-of-Course System
• EEProm (removable) memory that stores the codes of the Transmitters recorded in encrypted form
• Compatible with Rolling Code Transmitters with
protocol of the PPA
• Inputs for single receiver, pushbutton, photocell, open command, close command, lock module and garage light module
• Programming by DIP, PROG, BLUE and SPIRIT
• Stand-by function that increases autonomy with UPS


** Manual also available in the PPA Help application. Download now and have a full database of information on your smartphone! **

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