Rack and pinion driven operator for sliding doors. Can be used on one-leaf doors made of glass (10 mm – 0.4 in), aluminum, iron, and wood. It is endowed with BRUSHLESS 24V technology, with a system in which the motor does not use brushes, which assures increased durability of the product and low electric energy consumption. It can be used on sliding glass doors already installed, with no need to change their physical structure.

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Type of Gate Operator Sliding
Power Supply 127V / 220V
Rated Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Motor RPM 3000
Reduction Ratio 2:20
Linear Speed 41.4 meters / minute
Leaf weight (Maximum) 80 Kg (~177 lb)
Cycles / Hour 60
Protection Class Class B, 130°C
Rack model Type: Gold / Color: White